You’ve just had your kitchen, bathroom, or basement finished, and then, Wisconsin weather takes over. It goes from warm and humid, to cold and dry or vice versa. This can cause a lot of issues on the building materials in your house. Cold weather means shrinking wood products, which can result in this unsightly “nail pops” in your drywall, gaps in your newly installed trim, or flooring. Warm humid weather expands those products, and the process repeats year after year after year. 

So, what can a contractor do to avoid this, other than using quality craftsmanship and materials? They can be upfront and honest about the potential for these things to happen. This is one of the things we go over before your project starts, as it could be likely something will come up. Wisconsin weather sure can make things look unsightly, but don’t worry, we can and will correct them if they appear. 

Recently, we had a client tell us that one of their family members just had their basement finished by a local contractor and started running into some issues with the work from the results of changing outdoor temperatures. They said after such a large investment, they wish they would’ve asked more about the warranty and went with a company that offered a longer warranty for a piece of mind. 

I KNOW WHAT YOURE THINKING: “We never opt for the extra warranty when we buy something, why would we do it now?” 

Well, what if you just bought something and they just gave you the warranty; you didn’t have to purchase it. Would you take it? 

Great news. We offer a 5 year warranty WITH our work, there is no extra charge to purchase it. 

Story time: 

Candidly, we are those people who always decline the extended warranty option. I too like to live dangerously… but if I have the opportunity to purchase from a company I know will stand behind their product vs one that you will never be able to get in contact with, that’s a no brainer. Recently, we had an issue with the tonneau cover on our company truck (this is a fabric that covers the bed of the truck so you can store items inside). Long story short, it was winter in Wisconsin, we had freezing rain and when I opened it, the cover ripped wide open leaving all the tools inside exposed to the winter elements. I took a picture, sent an email with that picture to the company I purchased it from, and one week later, I had a new cover by my front door. No questions, no extra charges, just great customer service and pride in knowing I made the right choice in my purchase.

What if it was this easy in the construction world? This is our goal for what we want our clients to experience, and is why we changed from the standard 1 year to a 5 year warranty. Our clients can rest assured for up to 5 years after we last walk out of their door, that we are going to stand behind our work. Our warranty covers our craftsmanship; which essentially means, anything we have installed or altered. You also get the warranty on the materials that were installed. Send us a picture of what’s going on with our work, and we will take care of it. It’s that simple. With our 5 year warranty, we like to check in after 3 days, 3 weeks, 3 months, and then return for an onsite inspection at 1 year. Then, we will do yearly check ins until your warranty expires after 5 years. If you forget when it expires, no worries! We won’t be hiding under a rock hoping you don’t call us, we will actually contact you a few weeks before your warranty expires to see if there is anything we need to take care of. 

That’s how Rust & Sawdust Home Renovations rolls.