From Dreams to Reality: The Design Behind


Pinterest boards, open houses, the new neighborhood development, it all gets our wheels turning. Eventually, you may decide that a remodel or renovation is the route to go. Now, how do you bring your 2,359+ Pinterest posts into your home? That’s where our design process fits in.  

Phase 1: Conversation & Adventures

Choose your Own Adventure books, always a fun read, were filled with opportunities to make changes and decisions. In the end, the book could end in a variety of different ways, making it a different story for each reader. That’s what the Rust & Sawdust design process is like. It isn’t one size fits all, rather a choose your own adventure, resulting in a one of a kind space, designed specifically for you. Below are a few choices that you could choose if you were to pick Rust & Sawdust for your upcoming job. Which would you pick? The adventure is up to you.

Choose Your Own Adventure:

“Help! I’m lost on what I want, I just want it to look good!!”

This might be you if:

  • You aren’t sure what you want, but you know you need a change.
  • You don’t feel like you have a “design eye” but want that magazine look!
  • You are seeking a professional to listen to you, look through 1,000s of choices, and present you with a few carefully selected options.
What we do:
  • Listen to what you’d like the space to be for, provide inspiration photos to you, to see if it helps you find the feel you’re going for.
  • Carefully craft some design boards and present it to you for feedback and further discussions.
  • Design boards sent, bring any materials you’d like to see in person (that we can get our hands on!)

“I’ve got my ideas pinpointed, I just need you to bring them to life!”

This might be you if:

  • You’ve done a lot of research on what you envision.
  • You may have a design background of some sort or have experience in this area.
  • You want someone to bring to life a previously designed plan
What we do:
  • Listen to your ideas and look at the design you’ve brought to us to determine if it can be brought to life in the space you have.
  • Carefully match materials from our suppliers that bring this vision to life.
  • Design boards sent, bring any materials you’d like to see in person (that we can get our hands on!)

“I’ve got my magazine pictures and Pinterest design boards, but I’m open to ideas and direction!”

This might be you if:

  •  You’ve got a pretty good idea of what you want, you may have pictures cut out or vision boards started. 
  • You can identify the “feel” you’re going for but would love to have a professionals expertise hone in and streamline your thoughts.
What we do:
  • Send us your ideas and selections! If needed, we can send inspirational photos for you to draw from as well.
  •  We use our expertise to make sure we are bringing the best design selections for your particular space.
    • Example: Kitchen Remodel- we would present you with a design and include three different paint colors, three different faucets, three different sinks, etc. 
  • Design boards sent, bring any materials you’d like to see in person (that we can get our hands on!)
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Endless options, tailored for you!
Some of  our Design Boards 

Different Rooms? Slightly Different Process!

Rust & Sawdust Home Renovations specializes in bringing new life to bathrooms, basements, and kitchens. Each of these rooms require a somewhat different design process as the space and use varies between them all. 


  • Focus on flooring and shower selections first. The rest of the bathroom is built around these two components.
  •  Build a 3-D design with the choices you’ve selected for shower style and material as well as flooring material. We add in a visual of the smaller materials (handles, sinks, mirrors) based on our conversations, photos you’ve shared with us or photos you’ve liked that we’ve shared with you.
  • Next…your choice: we can make the big choices and share the 3D model, you can go to the showroom and see your design and pick the small details yourself (tile layout, the way the flooring goes, etc.), or we provide a few choices for you based off of our conversations and you can pick from there.
  • After you’ve agreed to the main components, we put together design boards. These boards will typically have 3 selections of paints, faucets, knobs, vanities, etc. We also put together an “our favorites” page designed for you.


  • Often times basements are more of a blank slate, so we don’t always do 2D or 3D designs; however, we can!
  • Create design boards focusing on giving you choices to narrow down: lighting, flooring, base molding, doors, drywall textures, colors.
  • Create layouts including any accent walls or bar areas the client wants.


  • Our design starts by focusing on the layout! We consider where the cabinets and appliances are going to go and what type of cabinets are wanted.  We also focus on the island placement, if wanted, and any specialty cabinets like spice racks, and pan divider, just to name a few!
  • Next, our clients are presented with a 2 D layout of the kitchen. This is black and white. After this is agreed upon, we dive into the details.
  • What details are decided upon next? Cabinet styles and hardware, faucets, flooring, paint colors, and more. These decisions can be made in a few ways. 
    • Clients can go to the showroom and get ideas of feel and looks in person.
    • We can create design boards with visual suggestions based on our conversations in the initial planning.

Essentially We…

… listen to you! Then we take your ideas, what you want it to look and feel like and mix it with reality (how to make it flow, space used intentionally, etc.), and create a new more inviting, comfortable, and beautiful space.

Our Process…Condensed:

  •  Listen to what you want and provide inspirational photos to try to find your style
  • Create design boards that we think match your goal
  • Make BIG material choices (flooring, showers, etc.) 
  • Focus on the small choices (handles, faucets, etc.)
  • Order materials and get your project going!

Our Customers Say…

“It was a great choice! Really liked the way they worked with us on the design and the estimate. Very professional yet friendly and always on top of things. Helped us wade thru the many decisions and choices and offered some great options in addition to listening to what we wanted.“-Mary Lou Krautkramer

“They helped us design every aspect of the project. We especially appreciated the selections they came up with, which saved us from the excruciating task of shopping for every item.”-Julie Waterman

You can find more reviews on our Facebook page or Google! 

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