Drywall A basement ceiling?

To drywall or not?

A common question we get asked:  Should I drywall my basement ceiling, or not? Some people have concerns of water leaks from above, or that desire to have access to something like plumbing or electrical in the ceiling. While quite rare, it is a viable concern.

Depending on your tastes, and your space, you can ultimately be happy with either option. If you like the industrial look, you can leave the ceiling exposed and finish it with a solid paint color to cover (as much as possible) the vents/electrical/plumbing “eye sores” . The ceiling remains accessible, so you can always get to what you need, and a water leak isn’t going to leave you tearing apart the ceiling. 

If you want a finished look, the most common option is drywall, followed by a drop down or a coffered ceiling. Any of the options are going to leave you with a mess on your hands if you do have a leak from an upper level. However, drywall can be cut out and fixed pretty easily, along with a drop down ceiling where you simply remove and replace the damaged ceiling tiles. While coffered ceilings may require much more attention to detail and therefore higher repair costs. 

In the end, how you feel about your space is what should ultimately drive your decision. You shouldn’t pick an option and sit unhappy just waiting for that leak to happen. Finish your basement how you want, and love your home! 

What option best fits your finished basement?