Is a "1 Day Bathroom Remodel" the best CHoice?

Quick fixes are EVERYWHERE! Lose 10 pounds in one week! Learn Spanish in 30 days! Love your new bathroom with this “One Day Remodel”… ummmm-hold on, let’s dive into that one a little bit deeper.  

We could see where a “1 Day Bathroom Remodel” might seem appealing. Who doesn’t love “fast and cheap”? We know you are busier than ever before and want to be smart with your money. However, cutting corners during a bathroom remodel is something we DO NOT RECOMMEND and could actually leave you with more issues than when you started!

What is a "1 Day Bathroom" Remodel?

Many companies are offering this quick fix to appeal to our busy lives and the need for instant gratification.  A “1 Day Bathroom Remodel” usually focuses on ONE fixture- typically the bathtub or shower. Companies that offer this, may apply a chemical glaze that coats your current fixture or install a tub insert, leaving you with a fresh and possibly different colored tub or shower. Great investment right?? Think again! 


  • Can chip, peel, bubble, crack or fade
  • Smelly odors and chemicals
  • Traps moisture
  • Increase risk of mold, mildew and bad air quality
  • Limited design choices, colors and finishes
  • Smaller tub with insert
  • No tiled shower or tub surrounds

The quick fixes can actually create more bathroom problems and they DO NOT FIX any underlying issues. It’s like putting a bandaid on a cut that needs stitches. If you have mold or a leaky pipe in your bathroom, that problem will continue to grow and fester-even with a new tub insert. You may actually reach a point where you have to completely rip out the tub to fix the problem. Then you are back to square one…wasted money, wasted time and a huge mess!


At Rust and Sawdust Home Renovations, we believe that your bathroom should be custom built to your wants and needs. We want to help you do it right the FIRST time and create a bathroom you will love WITHOUT cutting corners. 

Benefits of Hiring a QUALITY Contractor

 Design Options

Your bathroom is more than one fixture.  We like to look at it as a whole and make sure that all of the elements are aesthetically pleasing and work well together. If you want to get the “WOW” factor from the bathroom of your dreams, it is going to take more than changing the color of a tub. We listen to your vision and create different design options for you to choose from. 

One of our favorite parts of designing a bathroom is offering beautiful tile choices for your new shower or tub surround.  There is NO way this technique can be done in a “1 Day Remodel”. A quality tiled shower will take up to 5-7 days to properly install. You will not have this option with the “quick fix” companies. At Rust and Sawdust Home Renovations, we are able to help you customize and design everything from lighting, to flooring, to cabinetry and beyond. 

Progress Photos of Tiled Shower Install (5-7 Days)


Checking For Damages
New Plumbing


Tile Work


Underlying Issues

Chances are if you are in the market for a bathroom remodel, your house isn’t brand new. Older homes come with common wear and tear and possibly damage that can’t always be seen on the surface. Bathrooms in particular can have hidden imperfections due to the increased plumbing and electrical needs in this highly trafficked location. 

Common bathroom problems that could be hidden behind your walls may include:

  • Improperly Installed Plumbing
  • Deficient Electrical Wiring
  • Uneven Walls and Flooring
  • Mold Behind Existing Tub or Shower
  • Damage to Floor Joist

If these issues are hidden in your bathroom, there can be some serious safety concerns.  A “1 Day Bathroom Remodel” will NOT fix these issues.  

When you remodel your bathroom with Rust and Sawdust Home Renovations, you better believe we are taking a deep dive to look for any hidden problems that could cause long term damage.  If we find anything, we will stop and discuss with you the options available in order to move forward with your dream space. When we are finished with your new peaceful oasis, it will not only be aesthetically pleasing, but also safe, durable and up to current code.

Layout Changes

If you are entertaining the idea of a bathroom remodel, chances are you are thinking of making some big changes. (Which we love and are here for!)  Let’s be honest, big changes usually are more than just changing the color of your tub or vanity. Oftentimes it means knocking out or building new walls to bring your vision to life.  With a “1 Day Bathroom Remodel”, there is no way to really transform your bathroom in this way. You are very limited in your choices and won’t get the custom bathroom of your dreams. 


At Rust and Sawdust Home Renovations, we know all of our customers have very different styles and needs. By choosing us for your bathroom remodel, you will have the freedom and creativity to custom build a bathroom that is both functional, luxurious and everything in between.


At Rust and Sawdust Home Renovations, we take pride in the work we do and the products we use. We believe it is important to do the job right the FIRST time. We offer a 5-year warranty and, on top of that, we’ll do regular follow-up calls after 3 days, 3 weeks, and 3 months to make sure everything is working properly. After one year, we’ll pay you a visit to check on everything and do any minor fixes if needed. That is unheard of from most of these other “Quick Fix” companies. Why? Because they can’t back their products and methods. They know the products won’t hold up and they will lose too much money offering the warranties.  

We know you are smart ,and you care about your home and investments. We believe that you deserve a bathroom that is not only functional and safe, but feels fresh, serene and matches your style and personality. At Rust and Sawdust Home Renovations, we take pride and joy in making your bathroom dreams a reality!