Material Cost: Who sHould buy them?


Money savings is important, we get it! So… would it be better for you to purchase building materials directly or should you let your contractor take the lead? Let’s consider what goes into the cost of the materials that turn your home beautiful again.

The Ins and Outs of Material Cost

You check the mail and see there’s a huge sale going on right now on vanities and you’ve just committed to remodeling your downstairs bathroom. Perfect! Should you run out and purchase yourself? Remodeling your home comes with a variety of materials, whether it be new cabinets, lighting, flooring, the costs can add up. Just what goes into material costs? 

First and foremost, the cost you’d buy the materials for through your contractor will be different than the cost you’d pay if you purchased them yourself. But…does that necessarily make it a bad thing? We confidently say no! 


Buying Materials Directly

  • Time Consuming! Responsible for the searching, shopping, shipping and delivery of all materials purchased
  • Responsible for replacing any materials and correcting any issues with said materials.
  • If short on supplies, you’ll need to follow-up on purchasing more, potentially delaying the project timeline. This is one reason, Rust & Sawdust will not use materials purchased directly by the customer. If projects get delayed, it impacts not only the current client but future clients and their expected timelines.
  • Often contractors will not install products purchased outside of their suppliers. This holds true at Rust & Sawdust home renovation. The reason? Warranties are included in our craftsmanship and we want to ensure the products used will stand up to our extended five year warranty.

Buying Materials Through your Contractor

  • Relationships with wholesalers allows for  better prices on products because of the mass quantity that is ordered over the course of time.
  • Has tried and trusted products and warranty management should any issue with products arise.
  •  Products will have a mark-up, but that mark-up is used to potentially replace and correct any material issues. The mark-up usually keeps the overall purchase price to be almost the same as if you were to purchase it anyway, due to the discount received from wholesaler (point 1). 
  • Time saving! Your contractor knows exactly what they need and where to find it. Rust & Sawdust trusts their wholesalers and if issues arise they work directly with them to solve them. 
Directly- You do the searching, deciding, buying, and delivering. You would also need to do this for all products you want to purchase yourself and ensure the overall look works together.
Contractor- We listen, search, suggest, then YOU DECIDE, we buy and ensure delivery.

Final Thoughts

To us, the risk just isn’t worth the reward. Overall, the cost savings may be slim if at all. At times, it may end up costing more as you have to order more or ordered too much. If issues arise with any products, we follow up with our warranty. Our suggestion… let us help you by listening to you, searching for you, as well as ensuring accurate ordering and delivery. All in all, the cost savings just isn’t always there but the work for you to complete on your own would be.